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PCSX2 x64
jesalvein broke my balls, farewell

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Nope, there had been tests before and the speed benefit was very low compared to the massive amount of work it would need to port PCSX2 and all its' plugins to the x64 architecture.
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PCSX2 is not designed to be x64 compatible and efficient. Tongue2
jesalvein broke my balls, farewell
(11-01-2011, 03:12 PM)CobraSA Wrote: MAME x64 is about 80% faster than MAME x86
Is there any plan for a PCSX2 x64 build?

64bit Mame is not 80% faster than 32bit....closer to 25% faster.
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I always thought that quad-core 64 bit version of PCSX2 will be available someday Sad.
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Livy Wrote:I always thought that quad-core 64 bit version of PCSX2 will be available someday . Sad

Yeah! Me too. Biggrin Maybe it will be available when PCSX2 Plugins and Cores are re-written for 64-bit PC's.

sorry for my bad English but is the work of google translate.
with the 64bit version I could play tekken 5 fluidly. Now I find myself once again having to wait for something to be optimized (tekken 4 works perfectly). Comfortable that now works with Maximus Arcade.

What should I change in my configuration to run everything better?
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Please make your own thread instead of necroing an irrelevant 2 year old thread. Lots of changes have been made since then.
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