PCSX2Bonus: Transfer Config Per Games Anywhere
With PCSX2Bonus tool, launching PS2 Backup file with specified configurations are more enjoyable and easier while gaming PS2.  However, transfer the config files into different PCs/Laptops causes PCSX2Bounes to fail loading the config or sometime not functioning properly.  These issues are addressed as 
  • Could not find a part of path
  • Bio does not exist
  • Unable to load image file
  • Unable to load Plugin
  •  Memory formatting is in “No” status
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59239][Image: attachment.php?aid=59240]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59241] 
The reason behind all of these are; PCSX2Bonus (in particular “PCSX2_ui.ini” which located at C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2\PCSX2Bonus\Configs\Ape Escape 2\PCSX2_ui.ini) cannot call the correct path directory, that contains the specific configuration per game as seen below.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59242]

As it is obtained that the <username> is used in path with 17 aspects namely: -
· Bios    · Snapshots    · Savestates    · Memory Card    · Logs    · Cheats    · Cheatsws    · PluginsFolder    · RunIso    
· GS      · PAD             · SPU2            · CDVD              · USB     · FW         · DEV9          · BIOS

Each time you have new OS and want to transfer your backup.  You are required to change the <username> to the new one, so that PCSX2Bonus could work properly.  Changing <username> for each “PCSX2_ui.ini” per game is a bit annoying and waste of time.  Image that you have dozens of backup games. How many time will you take to re-type “PCSX2_ui.ini”??!! 
Therefore, in this thread it will represent a proper initial setting for your PCSX2 + PCSX2Bounce, that allows you do it once and recover multiple time with no issues so far.
This thread is targeted for both beginner & advanced users.  So, it will be straight forward.

Objective: -
  • To transfer PS2 Backup (configuration, cheats, cheat_ws, sstates, memcard … etc) per game anywhere without resetting them (Copy & paste style).
  • To load your setting easily to others PCSX2 ver.
  • Test the compability of the new PCSX2 build with different OS (Win7/8/8.1/10).
  • To compare and check-up the configuration performance quickly with various of PCs/laptops with less time.
Requirements: -
  • PCSX2 1.4 Binaries (or latest ver with Binaries)
  • PCSX2Bonus V2.0.0.2
  • Text Editor
Method: -
1) Extract the content of “PCSX 1.4 Binaries.rar” using WinRAR into any common path directory (path that not variable environment OR not related to username) such as ==>           C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2
[Note that; I renamed the “PCSX2 1.4” à PCSX2 for generality and avoiding further editing texts within “PCSX2_ui.ini”]

2)  Remove any “security folder” from “pcsx2 folder” by allowing Full Control to user/admin. 
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59243]
[This step will give a privileges to PCSX2 & PCSX2Bonuce folder to update “PCSX2_ui.ini” file each time you make changes in configuration without any restriction/permission.]

3)  Run “pcsx2.exe” and Load the default setting.  Check that all subfolder (configuration, cheats, sstates, memcard … etc) are automatically generated on the same folder within pcsx2.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59244] [Image: attachment.php?aid=59245]
4)  Extract “PCSX2Bonuce” on the same folder as pcsx2 and Run as followed.  PCSX2Bonuce folder automatically will be generated.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59246]
5)  For 1st time user, just go ahead and make your configuration per game. Try making a fixed file name & path location for your Backup game ISO.
For restoring your "pcsx2 file data" in different PCs, just copy and paste "pcsx2 folder" into targeted PC with the respect to Backup ISO path.
6)  For old user (with pervious setting), you might encounter some issues that has been addressed above. You have to update “PCSX2_ui.ini” for ONLY ONCE each games.  Then, you can restore your "pcsx2 file data" whenever you are.

The pattern code for 17 lines are presented as depicted below.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59247]
CurrentIso=         ---Write Your Path Here--- [This part is located at top of page]

RunIso=               ---Write Your Path Here---
BIOS=                   ---Write Your Bios---

Filename00=       ---Write Your Path Here--- [This part is located at buttom of page]

The solved issues: -
  • Could not find a part of path    à Missing “PCSX2_ui.ini” in folder C:\...\PCSX2Bonus\Configs\Ape Escape 2
  • Unable to load image file         à Missing ISO [relocated ur ISO path directory folder. It's preferable to NOT use path with <userame>]
  • Bio does not exist                   à Missing Bios in C:\...\Bios
  • Unable to load Plugin              à Missing plugin in C:\...\plugin
  • Memory is not formatted         à Wrong path in C:\...\memcards
The final result with OTHER PCs:-
The pictures below are the final form and how it will looks like when you transfer your "pcsx2 folder + configs" to other PCs.  It is observed that the pcsx2 restores everything including setting WITHOUT re-config.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=59248][Image: attachment.php?aid=59249][Image: attachment.php?aid=59250]

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