PCSX2v0.9.9r5103The above version number marked acceleration
First of all,I slag configuration:unsure:
Fof exaple Fatal Frame 2&3,But there is a problem with Crimson.Butterfly cutie GS Image error
Have picture to have truth
[Image: a686c9177f3e67091fed97493bc79f3df9dc5593.jpg]
[Image: e7cd7b899e510fb3f0f4a521d933c895d0430c93.jpg]
[Image: d439b6003af33a879fb3d2acc65c10385243b5ae.jpg]
[Image: 3bf33a87e950352abebff7be5343fbf2b3118bae.jpg]
Soft GS Still tragedy
[Image: c995d143ad4bd113752165845aafa40f4afb0593.jpg]
[Image: 14ce36d3d539b60049dbd201e950352ac65cb76b.jpg]
[Image: b3119313b07eca801a10e451912397dda144836b.jpg]
[Image: d1a20cf431adcbeffd1ea3b0acaf2edda3cc9f5a.jpg]
But cutie GS
[Image: 241f95cad1c8a786069994b86709c93d71cf50d1.jpg]
[Image: 5882b2b7d0a20cf4b724206976094b36adaf99d4.jpg]
[Image: d043ad4bd11373f08192b129a40f4bfbfaed04d2.jpg]
[Image: f636afc379310a55bc890042b74543a9832610d2.jpg]
[Image: d0c8a786c9177f3eb68322bb70cf3bc79e3d56d5.jpg]
[Image: aec379310a55b319fb545cc343a98226cefc17d2.jpg]
Oh my god!!!
The picture address

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gj using an image host that can't be used for embedding.
Sorry! I cannot see any of the picture. Tongue2
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
I'm pretty sure they aren't going to support cutie gsdx since its a hacked plugin and violates the gpl license (since they never released the source)
Quote:[Image: 9iLzXs.jpg] [Image: dJdtQs.jpg] [Image: YfxZWs.jpg] [Image: KAInTs.jpg] [Image: lXopDs.jpg]

[Image: wUZAas.jpg] [Image: v7IWhs.jpg] [Image: jUlJqs.jpg]

[Image: e9EBGs.jpg] [Image: r6l4rs.jpg] [Image: Adsgns.jpg] [Image: KSFbWs.jpg] [Image: CWcv2s.jpg] [Image: ySyV5s.jpg]

If the report is, as it literally says to be, an image error with Cutie then yeah, no support. Other than that, I have no clue what the report is about... even with the pictures. =S
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
We only support official plugins and PCSX2 exes downloaded from here: http://pcsx2.net/svn.php
If you want support for hacked crap, go get it from the people who made it (and good luck with that...)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
To explain the hostility we have:
We contacted the authors of these GSdx modifications and wanted to work together.
They were in violation of the GPL by not providing the source code changes btw.
Since they didn't care, we stopped caring as well.
Cutie just adds some format conversion crap.
Well, I'm always interested in adding stuff. It's too bad they won't collaborate.
The source released does have the things for the color control though, if you want to add that stuff.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]

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