PCSx2 Issues
Hey guys ... i want to play Kingdom Hearts RE: CoM on pcsx2 but i have issues on getting the program to work...
i'm currently running on Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2220 @ 2.40 GHZ.
My memory (ram) has 4.00 GB and i have 64-bit operating system running on vista. People said you sound right click the PCSx2 program and run it as a administrator... but i dont see the button for it. I been getting issues such as "Could not load GS plugin 'plugin' NULL" and "failed loading memory card from file memcard/mcd001.ps2.
Another thing is that I do not have the disk for the game. I got the .ISO through torrent... Idk which configuration i should do to make the game work. If anyone would help me, that would be great.

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We don't support anyone that pirates games... Sorry.
(08-05-2009, 04:11 AM)Koji Wrote: We don't support anyone that pirates games... Sorry.

that was very helpful, tyvm !
As mentioned in our rules we wont give you support in this case.

Quote:Warez talk is prohibited and frowned upon,to prevent legal issues.You may not post links or refer to any kind of BIOS,ROM,ISO,Game that has been illegally obtained or shared.
If any post like that is found,the thread containing it will be closed.

Closed and warned.
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