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PCX2 will it run on Compaq Presario CQ61?
* Windows Vista 32bit/64bit
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.2ghz or better
* GPU: 8600gt or better
* 1gb RAM (2gb if on Vista)

Hello people! Newbie here!

From the FAQ section, I think my laptop passed the required specs except the CPU & GPU, what I've got is GForce (CUDA) G 103M with 512 dedicated memory, I have 3 Gig system memory, Core2 Duo T6400 @ 2.00GHz, 32 bit Vista.

Will PCX2 run in this machine? Do I still have to update my DirectX?

Thanks you very much!

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Theoretically, as long as the GPU supports shader pixel 2.0, it should work. Your CPU is a Core 2 Duo, and should support SSE2. So, I'd say your good.

Whether or not the games will run that well, I do not know. You pass the minimums, so it shouldn't freeze on you, or anything.
I guess it would depend on what games you intend to play. You may or may not get full frame rates unless you tinker with speed hacks and such...
I guess it will not run that smoothly!
Thanks guys!

Another question?

I want to try and dump my ps2 bios via usb, now, what do you mean about "MODDED PS2"? , does it mean that I cannot dump my clean ps2 console?

thanks again.
You have to have some means of running unsigned code on your PS2. I recommend swap discs as they are cheap, don't require any modding or opening of the case, and work with all known versions of the system.
FFX and kingdom hearts might work at about full speed but besides that pretty much only 2D games

also your GPU is very very weak

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