PCXS2 disconnecting wii classic controller.
So, I use a wii classic controller to play kingdom hearts. I can use it through WiinUSoft, and play the game with no problems. Except, that when I go to exit the emulator and then come back sometime later, the emulator will show the controller as disconnected in the lilypad config screen. I can fix it, but I have to disable bluetooth, remove the wiimote from saved devices (twice, because the first time there's an error), press sync again for WiinUSoft to connect to it, and then I can play again. Just wondering if there is a work around so that I do not have to do this each and every time, as it gets quite annoying.

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Which version of PCSX2 ?
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1.4.0. and also lilypad 0.11.0, if you want to know that too
(Bump) Can someone please help?
Are you on Linux or Windows ?
Windows 10

You know I accidentally put this thread in the wrong place...
I moved it in the windows section.
(07-13-2017, 02:15 PM)gregory Wrote: I moved it in the windows section.

thanks  Biggrin

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