PEOPS problem
Hi, I'm having trouble running the P.Eops plugin on my emulator, It can't open the CDVD plug in, so that's why I dled PEOPS, only problem is I can't find one that's good for 0.9.6, can anyone point me in the right direction that would either solve the peops problem or the can't open CDVD plug in problem?

My specs
640 GB HDD
Intel 920 i7 quad core processor
Raedon HD 5870
6 GB of DRR3 ram

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Uh... let's back up a bit, what error or problem do you get with the Gigaherz's or Linuz ISO cdvd plugins? pcsx2 0.9.6 should come with P.E.Op.S CDVD plugin should use that one if you need to but there's no reason why the other plugins wouldn't work for you.
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