[PERF-E]Shadow of Colossus [NTSC]
I attached a screen dump from the game. Sorry I have no time to play games. It's pcsx2-v1.7.0-dev-1624-gee0b2b124-windows-x86
It's running on a quadcore i7-6770-HQ    
Don't really know what information you can retrieve from the smaller image. I try to save space for you. It's running with debugger 0x11100fe0.
Somewhere in the compare, status, cause wheel. I don't remember where I put it.
I noticed another problem while working. It seems like the bug is in the program itself. You have a bad reserve for space cache. It's either not complete to utf-8 characters for some reasons; it's defaulted to insert character, or that's the problem and it will not overwrite field in t. This one. he cache.
I only have one game with a problem frame rate. This one. That's what I wanted to ask for. It has a lighting problem. Not visible onscreen. It just doesn't work well. Very slow.
the gs dump will go here. not sure if i have to insert into post or already is.
.zip   gs_20211016201306.gs.zip (Size: 1,92 MB / Downloads: 42)

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put the EE Cycle Skipping speedhack up to 1 or 2 notches
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(10-17-2021, 06:29 AM)refraction Wrote: put the EE Cycle Skipping speedhack up to 1 or 2 notches

I am trying to get less bugs from unknown issues so I used the preset setting. I started with 3 - Balanced and moved to 4 - Aggressive. I got about 5 to 12 extra frames for that. Still the game scenes run around 60 percent average. And the game does play at 100% until I touch the controller. I remembered why that's a problem too. From about a half hour session it reminded me of Tataramari simulator. It's a physics fighter that puts a lot of power to a dummy fighter. This game seems to be doing the exact same things when moving around.
Just from the average library I have this one doesn't compare the performing type.
And I'm really sorry this forum is a 24 hour entertainment. Because I don't know how to cut up (3,701,032 bytes) of the next snap shot.
We don't need a GS Dump, and please put your preset back to 2 or 3 then turn them off and manually adjust the speedhack slider I suggested.

However your GPU isn't very good so it may still struggle. Pressing F9 might bring a performance increase.
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well I updated to pcsx2-v1.7.0-dev-1936-gc363241fad-windows-x86. I guess it's the same thing but higher 1936 dev number.
But, who cares about the cpu. This emulator is just a bunch of backshifts. I just wanted to say that I mostly use the emulator settings at default. I barely touch the presets.
Two more questions.
About the gs shots. What's with the forum settings; Your allocated attachment usage quota is Unlimited. You are currently using 2,36 MB?
And the game question related to the topic the emulator doesn't pass the 'pollen' test from the developers. It's not like sony doesn't know this emulator is here. The graphics are very bad compared to just blocky Playstation solutions. That's all I wanted to say. Other than that you're on your own. Since doing debugging myself is useless. What am I supposed to do put screenshots on my wall?

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