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PERFECT games list?

I didn't mean to make a mess here.

I simply got confused Tongue

I can't get the game to even boot.
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(01-20-2009, 03:37 AM)seinfeldx Wrote: lots of ppl want kingdom heart 2 to work fast and perfectly, that doesn't mean it is a priority.

Yeah, except fixing Star Ocean would help fix all the other Tri-Ace games that dont work as well.
gundam 00 works great with all the speed hacks off at 50-60 fps ( for anyone interested )...mediocre, it should run good for all...

has anyone run fate unlimited codes???will greatly appreciate help...Biggrin
Heh, funnily enough Star Ocean boots now Tongue
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I didn't want to create a new thread but I think there's a similar idea to this one that would be very beneficial. It would be great if there was a thread for "Ideal settings" for games, such as which plugins, EE Rec, frame limiting. So far with the 2 games I've played I've had to reference on here as well as tinker with the games for a good deal of time. Would save headaches amongst us all I'm sure and make this a lot easier for less technical people to use.

Another item that would be great would be if this was built into the emulator itself so people could potentially just switch the settings that were being used or if there was maybe a selection where the best settings are associated to the game in a drop down list somewhere. I know that's probably a bit much to ask.
I'm all for it but you'll soon find your thread filled with idiots either posting wrong settings,whining about their games not working or saying game x is not playable because they are using hacks.It's a nice idea but pretty hard to bring it to life with the public mass.
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Especially with a fast changing emu like now, and the vastly different hardware setups out there. I think it's not pratical for now...
The only solution that i see would be the database to be accessible for changes only by some mods or admins.
Star Ocean ---> Not working
After newer svn the game description would say

Star ocean ---> Ingame (use latest svn)
And then some typical setting for the emu taken by the majority of testers (and have been verified)

The whole database will be actually will evolve day by day.
Every day some more games will pop up in the doesn't need to start from the begining with all the known ps2 games!
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#89 mean something like ? Tongue
It just takes lots of time to update it,especially now that many beta testers are inactive
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(01-22-2009, 01:25 PM)wyldfire Wrote: has anyone run fate unlimited codes???will greatly appreciate help...Biggrin
Yes, the game has been reported to run perfectly, and I have it, and it runs... Just a bit slow in some parts.

People, before asking if a game works, it would be nice indeed if you first read the forums, use the search forums or even better, test the game in the emulator.

IMO, asking if a game works before searching and testing is lazyness.

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