PG doesnt use full CPU y?
i noticed that when i play games on PG the emu doesnt use full CPU it only uses about 60% of my CPU but in 0.9.5 it used 100% of my CPU power y is that??
persona4 plays faster in 0.9.5 than PG but with a worse sound
any help how to get PG to use at least 90% or 100% if possible of my CPU??

PC: MacBook Pro
windows vista 32 sp1
2.4GHz Dual core intel

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You probably had DC mode enabled - that uses up 100% of your CPU for no good reason.

As for slowness - try enabling all the checkboxes in Advanced.
Anything else is simply due to the PG version emulating stuff better - though you can try enabling some speedhacks.
older versions with DC mode used 100% cpu, but it was basically just wasted cpu power as Nneeve mentioned.
so that what it was hmmm...
i tried unchecking DC and it became the same as PG
thanks a lot for informing meh Laugh

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