PGO optimizations
Referring to the optimization made in the official 1.0 release, will there be a checkpoint anytime soon for another built the same way so we can get some updated features with the 10% speed boost? or would that not help at all currently?

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doing a PGO is time consuming as you have to play some games for a while to build up the profile for it to optimize on, so doing this with SVN's is really not feasable. When we release 1.2.0 whenever that is, we will probably do it then.
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Thank you for the quick answer. Now I know that its not simply a cleaner build
can somebody explain what is an PGO ?

is it like profile for each game or something " Per/pre Game Optimization"

In short you run a couple of test cases, the compiler sees which code paths are used most and optimizes them while not giving the same gravity in other less used paths
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so at best how much of performance increase we can see if this was supported ?
As said in the first post, usually around 10% (maybe more for the games used to PGO, maybe even a slowdown for some others)
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and comparing that to the effort made does it worth it ?

and the Most Importantly will regular users help with developing process of this feature other than testing Tongue ?
i think not much difference in offiicial version 1.0.0 & in newer svn builds(only 10% speed boost as said above).in newer builds i'm seeing improvement in speed & compatibility also.i saw some speed boost in pcsx2 5603 svn,check it u'r newer builds maybe compatibility coming first,but it's improving cheers !!
the improvement in the newer SVN have nothing to do with as this have not being supported yet -_-

and FYI Speed is decreasing in PCSX2 from 0.9.8 till know . ( MTVU is an exception )

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