Hi im trying to configure the Emulator but the options that i choose doesnt keep saved and change to the default setting and no game runs on it what can i do??????

How can i configure the memcards cause when i try to start playing saying cant load mem1 and mem2

Error opening CDVD plugin what means that????

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Try running PCSX2 as administrator (right click) and/or try moving the PCSX2 folder to a location you have rights to, like your Documents folder.
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Thank u very much for the info i will try it later.

You know if i can play Kingdom Hearts 2 and Tales of the Abyss on it???

My notebook have 4 giga ram, an Athlon dual core 2.1 model QL-65 ans a video Target Ati Radeon HD 3200
kh2 works on my 2.2 8600gt, donno how fast now, but it does work

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