PLS HELP ME! pcsx2 running slow on my pc!!!
Im just new on using pcsx2...ive succesfully installed it but the games run very slow... i dont know what the problem is...ive tried all the cinfigurations on the graphics..but still it runs very slow...pls help me...what plugins...what configurations i must do...
my pc has windows vista ultimate sp1,amd phenom 9600 quad-core processor,4gb ram,nvidia geforce gtx 260
and ive installed pcsx2 v0.9.2...

pls help me..tns in advance

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what game are you trying to play ?
wwe smackdown vs raw 2009
if i am not mistaken even with intel SSSE3 it need a pretty high speed, i don't remenber how much fps it get when a haven't overclocked my cpu, at 3.0Ghz it pretty much full speed all the time
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why are you using 0.9.2? that version is over 2 years old!

also why did you attach a negative of your eye? apart from wasting space and bandwidth, it has no relevance to this thread. removing it.
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so u think my processor is the problem???it only has 2.30 GHz??
sorry abt that refraction...i didnt knw that...
anyways, grab 0.9.6 from the main site and try that.
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tnx refraction!ill find the newest version
okey tnx again!
where could i dl the bios files??
(06-04-2009, 05:19 PM)hickz21 Wrote: where could i dl the bios files??
Dump it from your PS2 by this guide. Otherwise It is piracy which isn't supported here Wink
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