[PLUGIN] need pad plugin to allow d-pad left and right simultaneously
hi all,

in order to play pop'n music on PCSX2 with an official controller, the pad plugin must allow on the d-pad left and right to be pressed simultaneously
the limitation of not pressing left+right simultaneously is just a physical limitation of the standard PS pad, and not a constraint of the console itself.

the board in a P'NM controller is just a standard PS pad board, with the left+right+down soldered together.
when these directions are pressed down the game recognizes the controller not as a standard one but as a P'NM one.

therefore i think that a pad plugin should allow these 2 directions to be pressed simultaneously.
note that it also needs to record that state since the launch of the game, as it seems that it needs the effective press of a button to record that.

the plugins i tried act as if there were 2 states : "just pressed" and "already pressed" and only trigger the push of a button on a "just pressed" event, so the plugin must be able to detect the "already pressed" configuration as the game starts.

i hope my description is clear (maybe needs to be in "bug report" ?), and thanks a lot for helping all pop'n music players !

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Did you tried enabling "Allow binding multiple PS2 controls to one PC" from the LilyPad settings and set one key twice
what about having a single key for two values and another key for the another one and pressing them together..
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well thanks guys for your quick answers, seems that i had 2 problems :
  1. lilypad can't accept left + right simultaneously
  2. my usb adapter can't send left + right or up + down simultaneously

the workaround :
  1. use SSSPSX pad pressure mod 1.7.1 and plug LEFT, DOWN and RIGHT on the same key on my keyboard
  2. de-solder the directions on my (homemade) ASC P'NM controller for the UP direction to be sent
et voila !

thanks for your help, maybe i'll find a better solution someday but for now it works quite well.

(for google search and people in the same situation : #pop'n music #pcsx2 #controller #ASC #workaround #USB)

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