OK so im new to this and in the vids they seem to be running fast..
and i downloaded KH and KH2 i really want to play them i burned them on dvd -R and when i go to play it sais update DERICT X and im on vista wich means i have the newest one and i try doing the NOV 2008 thing didnt work

if u want to know my specs i think a pic will be better

*removed due to showing a desktop full of warez ><

cpu:CPU AMD Phenom™ 9500 Quad-Core Processor

Graphic Card: Nivida GeForce 8500 GT

Gpu Clock: and memory : 475 Mhz somthing about shaders is 950 MHZ

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Quote:...and i downloaded KH and KH2 i really want to play them...

Too bad for you you broke the forum rules and therefore we can give you no support.
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what rule??? if i did im sorry did i say anything wrong^ BlinkWacko
The rules you agreed to when you joined this forum.
No support here for piracy.

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