[PNACH Help Requested] Button-code deciphering needed
So here are the codes.

//Treasures RNG Code; only works in one zone/area at a time
//L2+R3 for 100% Treasure Spawn
//R2+R3 for 100% Rare Item rate in every chest
//L2+R2+R3 to set RNG back to NORMAL
//Equip Diamond Armlet for the DA-specific loot
//For Lvl.99 Red Chocobo; Kill 6 chocobos in Ozmone Plains; use 100% Treasure Spawn code
//After it spawns, change RNG back to normal so you don't miss every attack

//Always Rare Items from Chests
//Wear a Diamond Armlet to get that DA-specific rare loot instead
//Can use 'Treasures RNG 100% Rare Items from Chests' instead of this code

I like to use the 'Always Rare Items from Chests' since it is always active without needing button presses.
I'd like to be able to have the '100% Treasure Spawn' always active without needing the button presses.
Having to press L2+R3 over and over whenever I zone would become a bit tedious to do.

So if there's anyone knowledgeable enough about these types of codes, I'd appreciate it ^_^

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Never mind.
Perhaps you can identify it using PCSX2OTC.
The image below is an example.


Type "D" code(Start with "D") is used as a condition activator.
In your case, checking buttons states.

Type "2" code(Start with "2") is used as an actual code.

In this case, if click Apply button as pressing R1, the upper-center log will appear.
This means, "203117B8 00000008"(Marked red square and written "Success:") is applied as pressing R1.

If you don't have any idea, try this method.
This tool accepts both raw codes and pnach format codes.
I appreciate the info. In my testing, it seems there's a reason that the code is button-activated. It turns out that it modifies certain RNG values that also affect damage and such so it causes wierd glitches if the code is constantly running. Like in the code description if you are in Ozmone Plains and have the code active then every attack will be parry/miss until the 'Reset RNG' code is used.

So yeah, at least I was able to get that 'Rare Treasure Items' one so that's good enough for me Smile

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