POP'N Music Controller - Plugin for PS1Controller
Hey there! I did build a Pop'n music controller with a BigBenUSB-Controller because I don't have a PS1 or PS2 and I also just want to play it on computer. I've heard that the POPn controller is recognized as such, if right, down, left are recognizes as constantly pressed.
Now I tried to get this to work on the PCSX2 but I failed.
I could bring it to work in the "music mode" the right way, but the controls in the menu are completely wrong!
I think the reason could be that the PSCX2 Plugin is for Dualshock2 and I need one for Dualshock1 (but im not sure) I downloaded Pokopom PSX Pad Plugin but I can't map the buttons as I want. (And because I didnt build the controller just the way it would work if it was a PS1 controller, the automatic recogntion would not work...also I didn't sold right,left, down together. Also in my controller i think the analog-pad is heading left-up all the time, but I think that shouldnt be a problem, because I didn't even sold it to my controller...and therefore i thought i could map everything how I want...But now I dont know what to do, I just think i need a free-mapable PS1 plugin which can let left, down, right be pressed constantly

Sorry for the bad english Wink


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There is no automatic recognition for any controller currently in PCSX2, everything has to be configured manually.

That said, the controller has to work properly in windows, since all controller interaction is done through windows API. If windows is picking up a digital control (as button presses and dpads usually are) as being pressed when they aren't, there is nothing you can do in PCSX2 to fix that. Likewise, if an analog stick appears "stuck" in multiple directions in windows, then again nothing can fix that in PCSX2 (though you could try adjusting stick sensitivity... but if the sensitivity is equal in both directions, it'll have the same effect regardless).

That said, if a button is configured incorrectly in windows (IE you press down and it actually shows up) it won't matter per-se simply because you'll be configuring the controller manually. The up button that reacts down in windows can still be set in the up direction in PCSX2 and function correctly as up (though the controller dialogue will tell you it's down Wink)
[Image: 2748844.png]
Thank you for the very quick anwer Smile
So I can't do anything?
I saw some people play it on youtube :/
I mean, I tried to configure it in Lilypad and did everything according to this:
[Image: wiring.jpg]
and also I put left, right, down on W A S and "locked" them...Still everything is ...mhm, ***** up?
Is it possible because of the Dualshock2configuration? I'm quite desperate nowLaugh The building of the controller took me longSad

\\edit: how to do the mapping with the Pokopom PSX Pad Plugin? Smile

So, I don't believe the issue is the difference between Dualshock and Dualshock2. The issues is that, for pop'n music games to recognize a pop'n music controller, it checks that the controller is holding down the left, down, and right buttons (which is impossible on a regular dualshock controller). When the game detects this, it uses the pop'n music controller game controls instead of the dualshock game controls. The issue from what I can tell comes from PCSX2 not allowing left and right to be input simultaneously. I noticed this problem when I was playing with my keyboard... without thinking about it, I had mapped 2 of the buttons to left and right. In game, I was unable to hit both simultaneously.

So, what I think we need is a plugin that allows for both left and right to be simultaneously pressed.
Hi, I have also been racking my brain attempting to get this pop'n music controller to map properly. 8 buttons work fine but the 9th is y-axis mess! Anyone have any luck getting this to play correctly?

[Image: Popn-Music-Mini-Controller.jpg]
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Hey I'm having the same problem as BlackHeart rises.  Mapping the right yellow button is odd because when the button is not press the controller sends analog stick down, and when pressed it puts the joystick in a neutral position.  Emulators expect a button should be pressed when the stick is moved in a direction.  I will report back if I find anything.
The fix isn't hard. In windows go to "set up usb controllers".  Find "Calibrate..." under settings.  Hit the right yellow button a lot during calibration.  Windows will see that highest the joystick ever goes is to the center and move that to the top.  It can now map the yellow button in the emulator the emulator detects "y axis" and you need to change it to "y axis -" .

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