POP TT PS2 have a bug PC runs it fine PCSX2 maybe can
well years ago we bought this PS2 game Prince of Persia the two thrones but PS2 didn't run it fine ....

when you fight the First monster ( there is 4 ) which is without a lower jaw Wacko the dagger have to blink so you can hit him but the dagger didn't blink !!! and it never did Laugh

and you can't just pass it !!!

i saw my cousin playing it on PC ( pc port ) the dagger blinked normally i told him how did you do it ???

just raise the res to maximum supported and i was like Huh
how i am going to do that in PS2 ?????

eventually we bought the PC port and ran it fine Glare

but with PCSX2 here maybe we can prove that PCSX2 can do something that the PS2 cant ... Tongue

but ... the game is ingame and i was too lucky that the breakage was just about the first monster Tongue

like is this PS2 bug normal ???

and can the devs have a look @ the game and check it out Laugh

True story Smile Happy

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Do you mean this?
If yes,it works fine here on my PS2

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the first monster only not normal warriors Wink

it's one of vizier main guards it's as big as a amphitheater Laugh
Um, if you're suggesting that any of the prince of persia games were unplayable on the PS2... you're not only wrong, you didn't even think about what you're saying. You seriously think the games would be released in a state where you can't get past the FIRST FIGHT? (Hint: they weren't. I finished the trilogy on my PS2.)
well believe it or not the Dagger didn't blink on the PS2 port but it did on the PC port we couldn't pass the First BOSS not the first fight

that wouldn't be sane to post but that's really what happened to me ( something similar happened with GOW 2 too )

i have thought it for a while before posting

if you think that what i have posted is not sane then that's OK but that is just my experience and the PC port had this issue and it was fixed by rendering it @ a high res ...

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