(POWERFUL PC) Ratchet and Clank Texture Problems Help
As some of you know Ratchet and Clank has some texture problems. I was researching quite a bit and after sometime I managed to fix it somehow. I had to set Direct3D to software, which fixed the texture problems BUT didn't allow me to increase the quality, so the game looks very pixelated. I have a PC that should be able to handle almost all settings which would help me in this situation. 

GTX 1060 6GB
i7 6700K CPU @ 4.00 GHz
ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Motherboard

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Get the latest git built from the main website and use that in either Direct3D 11 or OpenGL mode, it will be fast and look fine then Smile
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Don't forget to enable mipmapping once you get the latest git.
The thing is I want it to not have the texture problems (which requires OpenGL in software mode) but the resolution to 4x Native (which doesn't work in software mode). Also, I tested it a bit with the latest build and it isn't as stable as before. I get fps drops. Could you suggest me some general and plugin settings?

Edit: I need the mipmapping for ratchet and clank to render correctly
There is no texture issue in the hw renderer. You can upscale it. However 4x might be too big
(11-11-2016, 08:27 PM)lightningterror Wrote: Don't forget to enable mipmapping once you get the latest git.

I can't enable mipmapping when I have OpenGL set to hardware, right?


Here's a Pic with HW and a good resolution:
[Image: ggVe3Lm.jpg]

Unfortunately as you can see it has texture problems, which annoys me.

Here's the pic with SW:
[Image: f3XmCYf.jpg]

I don't get any texture problems with this one, but I would like to get a better quality if it is possible
You have it in Directx 9 mode, of course it's going to look awful, you need to use DX11 or OpenGL.

and as I said above, make sure you have the latest Git build, not 1.4.0.
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I tried all modes, the texture problems happen on every mode when set on SW.
If I set it on HW I can change the resolution and make it look good, but then I can't enable mipmapping
Mipmapping should already be on. if not, edit your gsdx.ini file from the inis folder and add this to the bottom

UserHacks_mipmap = 1
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I found the problem:

[Image: kLvXhVz.png]

I had mipmapping set off on Hardware Mode

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