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PS1 graphical bugs... Still too early?
So, I had written up what felt like the collective works of Shakespeare in this prompt when I stopped and asked myself, "am I going to be writing to a wall or is this actually a valid discussion point".

The Git builds are officially supported, which is great because I love these things. But from what I've seen in the Github repository, the PS1 support inside these Git builds is experimental and (paraphrasing) "it is too early to be concerned with PS1 game issues".

I haven't seen much activity in the psxmode category in there and was wondering if this statement still held up. I've had a few issues lingering that aren't super serious, but still mildly inconvenient. Other than those words in the Github repository I haven't seen psxmode come up anywhere else in writing and was wondering if this statement is still true and PS1 games are still in a "use at own risk" state or if it is appropriate to ask for help with them now.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not working on PSX so maybe I'm wrong. But my feeling is that it isn't ready to accept bug.
PSX support is still in its early stages really.
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Fair enough. As far as following the progress on PSX... would my best bet be to keep tabs on the psxmode label in the Github repo?
Could be an idea Smile Progress hasn't really been done for a little while now though, it is really a backburner project we've been working on, not much of a priority Smile
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