PS2 Bios files
Hi all im new here.

i already knowabout rules pertaining to copyrighted material so i wont ask for any direct links and such.. just some guidance.

I have the original version 1.0 PS2 (the big bulky one), i got it very shortly after release so its old lol.
However even to this day i have not had it modded or chiped and i dont intend on doing ether. With that said, it also means i cant use this emulator. Since i cant get a bios from my legit ps2.

What i need to know is... Is there anyway online that i can download a legit and virus/maleware/spyware free version of a ps2 bios that works with PSX2 v1.0 windows ??? And if so where should i look (again no direct links pls, and pls dont just say google Tongue)

I would very much like to play a couple old PS2 games that i still have on my shelf (Dark Chronicle and Devil may cry to name just 2) at an uprated resolution like i do with my Nintendo Wii games using the Dolphin emulator (which rocks btw Smile ) And with my new OC'd 3930k bassed PC i know i wont have performance issues once its all setup correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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