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PS2 CD extract to ISO can't work, but CD works if run from DVD reader
Alright, so here's what happened

Was digging my room and I found this really old PS2 CD, R-TYPE FINAL JPN

So, I decided that I want to rip it and change to ISO format, but it seems that the ripping doesn't seem to work ( cyclic redundancy check error )
But when I just recently discovered that you can run CDs directly from PC DVD drives, this CD works, game is playable.

Though my curiosity would be, is there a possible way to extract the CD to ISO still? Since I believe it still works

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Try using Imgburn at the slowest speed.
Tried with lowest speed for now with Imgburn but from the log, it seems that the error repeats
Is this possibility of a damaged CD which still works to play but not workable for a proper CD rip?

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When you are playing from the disc,check the pcsx2 console for errors
From the log,it seems some opening video is damaged(maybe pcsx2 ignores\skip it or encountering the error or the video is for some part you did not watch)

You can try enabling the option from ImgBurn=>Tools=>Options=>Read=>Ignore Read Errors and lower the Software Retries(but not to less than 3)
Further up update regarding to game said

Changed settings to ImgBurn=>Tools=>Options=>Read=>Ignore Read Errors and lower the Software Retries(but not to less than 3)

Still meeting the unexpected error, but upon abortion and not erasing the ISO file created, the disc image still runs surprisingly, though it seems that the error confirmed is only the opening video of the game

Counts as a bad rip but eh good thing it still works

Thanks a lot once again ( must be a miracle that it still works )

Side note edit: Intro is skippable so I'm good

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It's a CD? Shouldn't you ought to be using BIN/CUE for that? Might not be your problem but perhaps something to think about.
[Image: HkgHT5k.gif]

ImgBurn suggests CUE\BIN if the disc itself have some kind of data that requires this.
As far as I know,PS2 games(even CD once)don't have that kind of data

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