PS2 CDs and functionality.
Hi, everyone.

I've scoured for information (but perhaps not well enough if I'm having to ask), but I seem to be having trouble running most blue-bottoms discs in ISO format.

I noticed in one of the guides that some of said CDs would state in the log that they were not PS2 games, to which I should try using the "Load ELF" method. I also noticed that these same games run fine in some of the more recent beta revisions without having to resort to said method.

Most of my other older games (Castle Shikigami 2, Way Of The Samurai to name a couple) will go through the same motions regardless of what methods I use to load them, but will never successfully boot up fully. If I just place the actual game disc in the drive for same said games, they work fine. Different CD/DVD plugins seem to have no relevance to the ultimate end-effect of this.

Is this an issue relative to having a fake drive try and run said ISO files? Am I just missing something completely obvious? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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When you try running the ISOs... are you mounting them? If so, don't. Instead use the linuz ISO reader to read the isos directly. Note that if you have those discs mounted while using the ISO loader, it can lead to errors as well. The isos must NOT be mounted and will run best using that ISO plugin.
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Yes, I was mounting ISOs. And as you stated, the linuz ISO reader definitely solved the majority of my problems in this regard. Thank you very much. Smile
Not a problem, that's what everyone in the community here does. It's probably one of the most helpful forums I've ever been apart of.
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