PS2 Controller Adapter that supports rumble
Can someone recommend a USB adapter that they use that supports rumble? There are so many on the market and I'm not sure if they have any lag. Thanks so much, Links to shops or ebay auctions would be great ^_^

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Most of them are made in China, and do not have a brand. I recommend the "Twin USB Adapter". The rumble works after the driver is installed.
Here's another:

The main drawback to this one is that it's only available sporadically on amazon, and that marketplace sellers tend to ask more than the suggested retail price when it's in stock (usually around $30.00). I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $10.00 several years ago, and it is rumble compatible. It has some other slick features too, but what I appreciate most is that Futime is still in business, and issuing updated drivers. I've had mine nearly 5 years, and they've issued updated drivers twice in that time.
Wow, That is a nice one...
Do you by chance have a link to the manufacturers website?
Funtime I assume, Google fails me...

Found it, Disregard ^_^
Gosh, If anyone finds it for sale could you post a link.
This device would eliminate a lot of cable mess from my computer desk.
I've bought a chinese clone receiver for wireless 360 controller and was only 10 euro's with free shipping (From Hong Kong) But this company has alot of stuff, take a look at
THat one from amazon is a great device and yeah I picked it up from walmart in the past for $10 when they were still selling it. IT supports rumble and has ports for gamecube and xbox controllers as well

An amazon marketplace seller currently has one of these in stock. Unfortunately, he is asking more than the manufacturer's suggested retail price ($29.94), but in my mind, it's well worth it given the features and advantages this converter sports over similar converters I've seen. If you want an in depth description of what those advantages and features are, there's a review that I wrote that'll give you the down and dirty. I'm fairly sure this is a discontinued item now (Futime no longer offers it for sale on their site), and it's only available sporadically on amazon, so if you're interested, I strongly recommend getting it before someone else does.

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