PS2 Games Encountering Error
I've tried to play FF12 and Metal Gear Solid 2 on PCSX2 - however, everytime I run them I get the same error:

"cdvd not enough resources" (not the exact message, but I'm at work so I'm not on my PC).. and then it brings me to the config screen.

I have no virtual drives installed, and FF10 works flawlessly. I just can't seem to get FF12 or MGS2 to run without getting that error. Any ideas?


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possibly you do have the game loaded in the CDVD plugin and is trying to use the ISO option.

To use as driver you need to make sure to use the "plugin" option

or unload the image from any virtual device (or physical) and load it from the GUI option "Iso selector"
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Hmmm, the strangest part is how you've run FFX on the same settings... Right?

Cause the error seems like it's something in your settings, but if you're trying to run FF12 in the same way, on the same settings, I can't understand why it won't boot...

Are you sure there is no difference in the way you've run the games? Is anything in "My Documents" or something? And have you tried re-installing PCSX2, being sure to put it and all settings in a custom folder (i.e. "C:\PCSX2")?

EDIT: Maybe try re-making the ISOs with ImgBurn. It must be something related to the CDVD, right? If it's not the settings, maybe it's the image. Just a thought... Smile
I just tried Jak and Dexter 2, and it works fine too...

Perhaps the iso's of FF12 and MGS2 are corrupt? Wacko

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