PS2 Joystick in Ubuntu for PC and PS2 Games
Hey guys i bought a core i7 2600 and i thinking to installed only Ubuntu Linux on it. If i buy a PS2 joystick my ubuntu will recognize it? I only want that to play all the Final Fantasy for PS2, but when i finished that games, i would like to play some pc games with PS2 joystick to protect my keyword. Excuse me for my deficient english, i am non native speaker.

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Any joystick detected by linux (actually SDL) will work. I personally use a ps3 pad.
(12-07-2011, 09:02 PM)gregory Wrote: I personally use a ps3 pad.

On Ubuntu?
Well debian but it is the same. However only for PCSX2 I never test others games.
Is any driver needed or Linux already supports generic driver? Btw does Bluetooth work?
Yes I have bluetooth (rumble too) but I installed qtsixa driver. For usb, it is just plug and play (pure linux), you don't need anythings.
/to Agonizer According to some retail websites, the DS2 + USB converter combo can be used on the PS3 as a generic controller. And if it is a generic controller, it should work on Linux w/o problem. If you have not bought it yet, I'll try and tell you in the next few days. I'm kinda busy recently.

/to gregory It is what I want to hear Tongue. It seems that Linux has better driver support. For example, when I connect an Android smartphone to Ubuntu and tether to share the Wi-Fi connection, Linux recognizes it as a USB network. Windows 7 fails to do that Sad.

Why do you 2 prefer Linux? For developers, Windows is an essential requirement for development tools. And for end-users, Windows is the best choice because of its easy-to-use GUI as well as greater number of software. I do not see any reason to use Linux. The only exception would be in workplace, because big companies dare not to use illegal software.

They're is also developement tool on linux. In my work (hardware developement), tools are often unix (linux) only compatible. But I change to linux before to work on hardware. Actually I begin with MSDOS then I do w3.1,w95,98,2000 (xp like not ME). One day, after listen several people said that they installed a linux. I said to my self, if they can, I can do it too. I search to dl mandrake/mandriva. I create a dual boot. Quickly I use only linux, I did not find any difference with window. French police said there is 2 difference between win and linux, the first is game, the second is the different picture for icons...
Around 6-8 month later I switch to Debian and never change, I fell in love Tongue2

No here the reason why I stay on linux.
1/ gui as easy to use as window. Well I become old, so I never use aero, compiz and co. I found all those craps slow at best. We probably don't have the same level of comparison for easy.
2/ very big number of software that I can install easily, I don't need to dig into all the web... Except all MS only video games.
2/ I can adapt the OS to me rather than adapt me to the OS. Can write small script easily to extend it.
3/ virtual desktop -> better than drugs Tongue2
4/ command line. Very handy and efficient.
5/ free. Why pay when you can have somethings LEGAL and free?
6/ free software. When I got an issue I can get the code of my software and fix it. I can follow all the issue on a bug tracker and receive an email notification when it is fixed. there are lots of manuals. I can learn from it. And I learned a lots of things.
7/ Last but not least, highly reparable system. I do too much things with my computer and I'm not careful. I screw up a lots of things on my linux (including the boot loader), I always find a way to repair it. Sometimes it takes years to find the solution to an issue. On windows, I always ended to reinstall from scratch.
8/ I nearly forgot no virus, and slow antivir Wink

So to conclude, it suit my need. I have a full control of my OS and it is highly enjoyable. It is always painful to go back to window (xp never saw 7 yet in my life) for any reason.
/to Livy thanks for your answer. I am waiting when you were less busy.

Hey i just bought this gamepad joystick (, and it work, but the vibration doesnt work on ubuntu 11.10 64 bits. I tried to do something on the One Pad, but i didn see any option for this. Can i add another controller plugin to my pcsx2...lilypad or another plugin, how can i do that? Another thing, why i just have only plugin of video, audio, game controller and so on? How could i add some more plugins?

PS: Excuse me for my deficient english, i am non native speaker.

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