PS2 Launcher
Tongue happy share with you guys a tool you can use save each settings for each games for every ISO you got its called PS2 launcher its already being used by me and a few guys in NG emu Got it there

PS2Launcher Build 883 - a tool for PCSX2 settings management.

Full version of PS2 Launcher r883 (with CF):
if somebody has the time plz make a mirror TNX!!!!!!!11

Custom features (hacks):
Special custom features available only in latest revs (710-76x) and currently there is only one feature. It allows you to specify "skip" value for modified GSdx version. This value can be used for GoW2/tri-Ace games to remove some annoying bugs, like WallofFog/ghosting in GoW2 or ghosting in Radiata Stories. Note that it works only with modified GSdx plugins (included in Full version), I will separate links for clean PS2 Launcehr and for pack with modified GSdx plugins.
Also, see P.P.P.S.

[Build 883] Online-DB now really online Tongue
[Build 873] Changed registry routines, now, there shouldn't be any error (folder /cfgBase/reg can be deleted now, also, do not forget to update ISO path!)
[Build 873 ] Auto-update now works again
[Build 812] Added ability to change ISO via launcher
[Build 812] Added GSdx "pixoff_x", "pixoff_y" options
[Build 763] Added MSAA option for GSdx
[Build 760] All features synchronized with new PCSX2 features
[Build 710] All features synchronized with new PCSX2 features
[Build 710] Autoupdate and OnlineDB features are disabled (until new host will be found)
[Build 649] Updated English translation (by Lavos)
[Build 649] All features synchronized with new PCSX2 features
[Build 649] GSdx version autodetection (for DB)
[Build 649] Added ability to select a plugin for entry settings
[Build 649] Couple of bugfixes
[Build 605] All features synchronized with new PCSX2 features
[Build 604] HTTP-proxy support
[Build 594] Couple of fixes and updates
[Build 590] Added custom "Configure" dialog (just like in PCSX2, but all-in-one)
[Build 560] Added ability to run PCSX2 in fullscreen without configuring GSdx (only with modified one)
[Build 560] Completely fixed issue with taskbar
[Build 512] New feature - auto-update for the program itself
[Build 512] Now you can send feedback report
[Build 458] Some windows resizing fixes
[Build 458] Now you can see used speedhacks
[Build 458] Minor fixes, memleaks fixed as well
[Build 413] New OnlineDB!
[Build 395] Minor fixes
[Build 395] Added a way to run games from tray menu
[Build 395] Y,N replaced by checkboxes
[Build 351] Restructurized list of profiles and it's settings
[Build 351] Added a way to prevent run a copy of the launcher.
[Build 331] Multilanguage support - Kein
[Build 331] Some minor fixes
[Build 320] Changed function of PCSX2 executable selection - vad1990
[Build 320] Added "Do not request confirmation for restart"
[Build 320] New r752 cmd keys
[Build 320] Minor fixes
[Build 277] Now all new settings will be stored in cfgBase/ (automatically)
[Build 277] Added feature to hide PCSX2 window when started
[Build 208] Added feature to hide launcher into system tray
[Build 167] Added feature which allows to unload PCSX2 via Ctrl + Alt + U
[Build 167] Expert mode - Kein
[Build 167] Added "Close launcher right after PCSX2 start" - Ensight
[Build 65] Added "Run CD/DVD after pressing "Start"" - nisanis5

just ask me if youve got questions
P.S. close the launcher in your taskbar everytime you finished playing a game and wanna start playin another one cuz it will give you a no plugins error ok.Cool

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