PS2 Linux on PCSX2 crash
I'm trying to boot BlackRhino Linux on PCSX2 based on this guide:
But the emulator crashes just as the starts loading the RAMDisk. 
I'm using pretty much all default settings apart from using the USBQemu-wheel plugin for USB support on version v1.5.0-dev-1646-g483b3d6
The same thing happens on stable 1.4.0.

[Image: jUIFMOv.jpg]

Here's a log file

Is there any way to get this working?

This also happens on PS2 Linux live v2

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TLB aren't fully emulated so it doesn't work.
Will it ever be fully emulated or is it just not used enough for it to be emulated?
99% => not gonna happen
1% => maybe someone one day will propose some patches.

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