PS2 Memory Card Save Export via PS3
Greetings Gamers.

Firstly let me say that I've had a search around the forums and didnt really find much about this.

What I'm trying to do is export my PS2 saves from my PS2 memory card to use with PCSX2. I have the PS3 memory Card reader and copied the PS2 saves onto the PS3 and the USB to PC.

I tried this method:

PSV Save file to PCSX2

First of all just copy your save from your PS2 virtual memory card over to a USB drive.

Put the USB drive in your computer and you should see a folder like PS3 on there. Click on it, then click on EXPORT, then PSV, and you should see your save there. Something like BASCUS-128888 something

Then using the program PSV Exporter go to file, open PSV file and open up your save game. Then go to file and extract all files and choose where to save it. You should see a folder with the same title as your save.

Then using the program PS2 Save Builder, open it up and in the root/ID field type in the name of the save folder you just created exactly, same charaters, numbers, everything that appears as the name of the folder. Should be of the type BASCUS-128888 something

Then go to file, then save as, then for file type choose the type with a .xps extension, should be X-Port 2 or something like that. You can name this save whatever you wish.

Then using the mymc program, open up mymc-gui, then pick your PCSX2 memory card, go to file, then import, and then pick your save file.

Exit, and now your save that was originally on your PS3 is now on your memory card ready for use by PCSX2.

Now after trying this method I could see the save file on the memory card using the PS2 Browser but when I tried to load it in game the game would say that it is corrupted.

Is there a tried and tested method for using PS2 saves on PCSX2 or am I doing something wrong with the above method?

Thanks for any help people may give.

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