PS2 - RPGs for Laptop
I won't ask if PCSX2 will run "fast" on my laptop, but instead, I'll ask about which games could perform at full-speed at near-PS2 graphic settings (no bells & whistles necessary).

Intel i7 Processor 3537U @ 2.4GHz - I understand that this is a bottleneck, and that's OK. I'm not looking to run God of War here.

AMD Radeon HD 8750M 2 GB gDDR3 - Not as much of a bottleneck, but not a spectacular card by any means. I'd say it's probably near the 640m in performance.


So, anyways... I know games like Disgaea will work properly, how about more RPGs?

Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, Ar Tonelico, various other RPGs I would be interested in. Radiata Stories, stuff like that. I'll be purchasing some PS2 games over the next week to prepare (I'm going to Iceland for a month, and I've been told that I should bring entertainment). I am highly interested in the entire library of PS2 RPGs - I have only played FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, Dark Cloud & Rogue Galaxy.

No need to lecture about bottlenecks on U CPUs and all that, I understand perfectly. I'm just wondering what games I could buy and bring along on my next business trip (I need to pack light, so my ultrabook & a couple PS2 discs with a PS4 controller wouldn't be too much of a pain).


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With a 2.4 ghz that should be able to handle a few more games then say a 1.6 ghz U CPU that is for sure. So games like Final Fantasy X should be ok. Ar Tonelico should be fine. Think I was able to get full speed in game minus FMVs with a 2.0ghz Pentiun Dualcore E2180 and with yours being a a higher clocked cpu and of a much newer Arch it should handle it fine. There is also the whole Atelier Iris series I know for a fact that will run just fine as I was able to get the same thing as Ar Tonelico on my old dual core. Kingdom Hearts 1 might be playble as well with that ghz you have.

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