PS2 Save games on PS3 transfered to PCSX2!
Convert ps3 files that are ps2 save game files to pcsx2.
Download PSVExporter, ps2save-builder, and mymc-alpha-2.5. All of them are free and easy to use.
Have an USB Flash drive any size will work. Make sure the flash drive is FAT32 to check plug it into the PC open my computer and right click the flash drive and click on properties and see if it says, "File system: FAT32" or just "FAT" If it doesn't say any of those then you have to format the flash drive which will erase everything on the drive so back up the flash drive onto your PC before you do so.
Run the game on pcsx2 and save it to memory card one. After saving close the program. THIS IS IMPORTANT!
Copy the ps2 save file onto the flash drive from the ps3.
Plug in the flash drive into the PC.
Open up PSVExporter and go to the Flash drive > PS3 > EXPORT > PSV > and your PS2 files will be there. Open one if them.
After opening the file there should be 3 files all different sizes and names.
Click on extract all and save it to the desktop so its easy to find later. Close PSVExporter your done with this program for now.
Open ps2save-builder and mymc.
In mymc open up your pcsx2 memory cards usually they are at My Documents > PCSX2 > and in blue "memcards".
Click on Mcd001.ps2
Look for the game in the Description you want to put in the memory card. Once you found that, like mine is FF12, write down the code in the directory. Usually is the same name as the file you made from PSVExporter but this double checking to make sure everything is correct.
Go to the ps2save-builder and click on the icon that is left of the icon that says TEXT.
Go to Look in and find Desktop (usually on the very top) and find the folder that PSVExporter created. Open all the files in that folder.
Go to your desktop and right click the folder PSVExporter created and click on rename and copy the name of the folder.
Go back to ps2save and in the bar next to Root/ID where you can type text in right click and paste and that's the code for the directory so you can load the game when you play on pcsx2.
Click the save icon, save it to desktop again (Its just easier for me to find files on my desktop) Where it says "Save as type:" find the change the file format that says "X-Port 2(*.xps) and name the file whatever you want like, mine is FF12 and save.
Go to mymc click on open then click on Mcd002.ps2 for memory card 2 and open.
Click on Import (arrow pointing to the memory card) go to the top bar and click on desktop.
You will see the file you created from ps2save open that file.
Now enjoy your game because you just transferred your ps2 save file from your ps3 to your PC to play on pcsx2!Biggrin

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Hi there! I know this post is pretty old, but I was wondering if you could post a video or something as an example. I've tried multiple times to copy your steps.
The PS2 Browser (in the emulator) sees the files, but the games will not load from them.
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