PS2 Wireless PC controller
Hi all!

Im kinda new to this so i need some help.

I want to use a wireless PS2 controller with my PC.

Is the following understanding correct?

The (wireless) controller (the wireless module) need to be connected to a "docking station" that is connected to the PC via USB?

Does this docking station normally come with a controller that have "PC/PS2" in the description?

Is there any (common) issues with getting the controller to work with PCSX2?

Is someone here using this setup here and have it working, what brand is good/bad?

IF all would work will PCSX2 recognise the controller automatically or do i need to add some plug-in for it to recognise it?

As i said, im noob, grateful for any help! Blink

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(I use it, it works. If the one you get doesn't work, trash it and buy another. They're cheap, but once you find one that works, you can use that forever.)

Throw out the disk that came with it. DO NOT put it in your computer. It contains viruses. You do not need the drivers for pcsx2 anyway

Plug in your wireless ps2 controller nub thing into the controller slot on the adapter

Plug the whole thing into a usb port

Turn on the controller, and youre good to to. Just make sure to map the buttons in lilypad

Found this one

0.09$ Huh Is it as good or what do you think?
(10-07-2013, 06:28 PM)sille Wrote: Thx!

Found this one

0.09$ Huh Is it as good or what do you think?

The reviews look great and the price is practically nothing, HIT IT.
Go for it. I might have to buy that one. I like how its black
I don't know about using it on PC but i use the PS2 Wireless controller on a PS2 console.

For those who may be interested in seeing images of what the PS2 controller looks like, images are contained here:

If that's the controller everyone is making reference to, I'd be more than willing to try it with a PC. However, i am really not sure it will work. I mean, owing to the fact that the receiver cannot be plugged to a PC.
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