PS2 can run PSX games...
#1's just loud thinking, don't take me wrong, I know that already there were questions about running games on PcSx2... I don't wanna you to make PcSx2 run games from PSX, but is there possibility to merge old PSX emus to this one, so they could run together, if there is a PSX game, the PSX emu will emulate it, if there's a gem form PS2, the PcSx2 will do that, but one interface!?!

...I liked a lot ePSXe emu, & as far I know it's the best out there, have it too, & I'm playing still some old games from my PSX... The idea is, when this emu is in it's final stages, ...because ePSXe development is dead as far I know, to merge this two projects, if authors of ePSXe will approve it, so that only one interface comes out, the one from PcSx2 but has options for configuring ePSXe too, & as I said when inserted in emu game form PSX, it'll start the old emu, if inserted game from PS2, the new one!

I know there will be flaming & all kind of comments on this thread, bud ePSXe is as it is, final stage done long time ago, & almost every game is playable on it, it would be nice to have it, ...but as I said, if authors approve it?


P.S.: ...hope I'll get some positive thinking here...
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This is highly useless imo. Think about the coding effort, the talking needed (we're different teams, and we cannot just include the epsxe.exe or smth Tongue2 ).
And all for what? So that users don't have to decide which emu.exe to doubleclick? lol.
idk i think he has a point, if the two were combined then you'd get joint traffic (not that you need it) and you'd probably introduce a bunch of epsxe users to pcsx2.

anyway just my two cents Laugh
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I highly disagree... it would be extremely confusing to new users... Think about having to setup 2 graphics plugins, 2 sound plugins, 2 CD plugins, etc etc. We get enough people having problems with just a single set of plugins. And while it's true some plugins can be doubled up (GSDx can be used in PS1 and PS2 emus) other plugins and options can't be.

There is absolutely nothing to gain by a merge of dissimilar projects like this, and everything to lose in added complexity. If someone wants easy access to both emulators at the same time from a single program, someone just needs to develop a front end that can load both applications... but again, you don't really gain anything from that.
No kidding, since ePSXe is a very accurate PSX emulator despite its bugs. Sure, it's by no means perfect, but I've never had trouble running games like FF7-9, Megaman X4-6, Castlevania Symphony of the Night or what have you. Full speed, very well emulated audio and graphics filters. Trying to add PSX code to the already super-complex PS2 code would make it that much more stressful for the people who dedicate who-knows-how-many hours to coding PCSX2. It reminds me of the coder of Bsnes who at one point wanted to add Super Game Boy emulation to Bsnes and got to a certain point but decided to no longer finish it due to its complex nature to the already complex SNES code. So, that may be the reason; it's simply too complex. We don't want another MAME (where some systems like SNES work fine but others like CPS1/2 don't work at all).
Are you that lazy to click another exe m8!?
Chris and Sol1d: Come on guys, try to be at least constructive... Those kinds of posts are dangerously close to breaking rule #2

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While the idea may not have been the best, there is no point in ridiculing or giving a "bad rating" as that only causes resentment.

If you don't like someone's idea, be constructive and explain why at least.
Or maybe instead of epsxe they use pcsx.

I like this idea despite how long it may or may not take.
If anyone was to do something like this, pcsx would be a better fit then epsxe. Epsxe is completely closed source, and their team has in their faq, IIRC, that they are unwilling to release the source. Pcsx2 is GPL'ed, so if the two were combined, epsxe would have to be open sourced. So that'd be highly doubtful.

The Pcsx source code, OTOH, was the code that PCSX2 was originally based on. Though at this point, quite a lot of it has been rewritten.

I think we've got quite enough on our plate with getting ps2 games working, though, let alone ps1 games, so I doubt it will happen.

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