PS2 controller?
Hey guys. I've been happy so far with my Logitech controller for the emulator, but as you're all probably aware like most controllers it doesn't have pressure sensitive buttons.

I just dug out The Bouncer and would like to play it again. Unfortunately that game has different moves for all 4 triangle/square/X/O buttons depending on light or hard button press. So I been wondering whether purchasing a USB adaptor for my console PS2 controller would make it work on PCSX2, pressure sensitive buttons and all - anyone confirm this? Thanks.

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As far I know there is no support for pressure buttons neither on Windows nor PCSX2 plugins, so buying the new controller will not help at the moment.

I'm not sure it works but you could try remapping the right stick to emulate it, or maybe somebody else know a better answer, good luck.

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Lillypad does half/full but your pad has to support it or you're SOL. (unless you're going to multi-assign stuff, like with the keyboard+pad)
@nosisab: LilyPad does apparently support pressure sensitive buttons, at least according to the sticky.

@Saiki: the original console PS2 controller does have pressure sensitive buttons (else how would the game have been playable in the first place right Wink We just need to know whether using the USB adaptor would work, if not then the only option is to go for a PS3 DualShock 3 controller.

So far from what I've managed to search, the PS3 controller can be used - but nobody has explicitly stated whether the pressure sensitivity of the buttons are supported or not. The handful of threads I dredged out don't really flat out prove or disprove it, just that the controller does work with the emu. I don't have a PS3 however so it's gonna be a costly test just to find out.

It'd be cheaper to test out the PS2 controller + USB adaptor combo, so now I just need to find one of those unless someone can confirm it.
I have PS2/PC pressure sensitive controller(the PC is using USB so it's maybe like using usb adapter)but the instructions it says that this feature works only on PS2 and I'm not sure the reason for that is the controller.
I understand you was talking about buying a hardware piece that can prove itself not useful to what you really want, albeit still basically functional, so the answer is yet the same plus an important point: I didn't know Lilypad support 2 stages pressure sensitivity, which is already good for a few games I know which use it.

Until so, as far as I know neither Windows nor Lilypad supports "full" pressure buttons and hope somebody else who indeed experimented with the feature can give us a complete and secure answer.

Buying the controller right now could be a blunder.

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I'll be coming into some spare cash in a coupla days so I'm willing to take one for the team, as it were. Brb.

You are correct, pressure button sensitivity unavailable using the PS3 Controller + USB + Motioninjoy driver combo. Didn't have any trouble installing or detecting the controller, it works fine. But when you go to the LilyPad plugin and select the controller and click "test", the button values go directly from 0.000 to 1.000 i.e. no pressure sensitivity. The analogs correctly show intermediate values for varying degrees of pressure.

So the PS3 Dualshock 3 is out. I gotta ask Chickenliver what he meant exactly by pressure sensitive buttons then, since the LilyPad thread says the plugin does support them.

Haven't tested with the USB adaptor for a PS2 controller - I was gonna do this first, until I realised I couldn't find my PS2. Whoops.
LilyPad does support pressure sensitive buttons. Unfortunately, Windows doesn't, basically. DirectInput "buttons" are always either fully down or fully up. However, if your drivers/adapter map pressure sensitive buttons to DirectInput axes, you can map them to buttons with LilyPad, and pressure sensitivity will work, though LilyPad can be a little finicky in telling the difference between an axis that goes from -1 to 1, and one that goes from 0 to 1, since it basically can only guess.

That having been said, I know of no drivers or adapter that does this. The only way I know of to use fully pressure sensitive buttons with LilyPad is to use a PS3 controller and the outdated "libusb0" driver. Then enable DS3 direct connection support in LilyPad. This won't work with the newer libusb1 driver, or other PS3 drivers.

WARNING: If you don't correctly install libusb0 on a 64-bit version of Windows, your USB drivers can end up being messed up, and fixing the issue can be messy. I've successfully done this on Vista and XP64, but YMMV.
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