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PS2 controller does not work with emulator
(06-11-2013, 07:16 AM)Yash the gamer Wrote: Ohh then use twin pad

Twin pad did not work as well. After following all the instructions, I still got an error message 209. Any other suggestions?

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Last suggestion use the latest svn..

If u have a driver cd of ur controller intall it..
No u don't need any twin pad or anything.just use lilypad plugin
configue buttons there.
Same as ps2 buttons,Right side click on a button with mouse.
For example click on circle right side with mouse & then press same button on u'r controller.
Then do this for all buttons.
See if all buttons assigning or not
if not maybe problem in u'r controller.
Is u'r controller working with pc games ?
E.g if u have Prince of persia series game or san andreas Pc game,u can check there.
Assign u'r controller buttons in controller setup option in Game.
See if they assigning or not !

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