PS2 controller issue
this question has probably been asked a milloin times over but here it is...

When using a PS2 or game controller (ps2 look alike) durring configuration i will think i have it right, but i start the game and it either does not work at all or my move camera and character move are on the same stick, or up = left right = down etc...

i just got in to the emulator today when i needed my FF series fix for the year.

i got FF12 working and looking nice but i cant seem to get the controller right... I have used all the plugins available and all do the same thing...

X,O,Square, Tri, L1,2 ,R1,2 work fine its just the move camera and move char on on the same stick.

FF is move char on Left stick and move camera on right stick tho everyone should know that. lol

any help is appriciated.

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I can't see how you can do this wrong. Use 0.9.7 beta, and Lilypad as the input plugin. Configure all 3 to different axis/buttons (since you have a PS2 controller you can configure everything 1-1):
D-pad, Left analog stick, Right analog stick
[Image: newsig.jpg]
upgraded to 9.7 and using lilypad but still same issue...

also when i go to config right analog, when i assign up a button it takes triangles place, down takes X, left takes O and right takes Square... then if i just reconfig those it takes away the analog i just asigned.
You have permission issues. Install PCSX2 to a folder like C:/Emulators/PCSX2 and run it as administrator
[Image: newsig.jpg]
You do, of course, have your controller in analog mode...Right?
(10-06-2010, 02:27 PM)ChickenLiver Wrote: You do, of course, have your controller in analog mode...Right?

Yeah, that's most likely his problem. I have a PS2 replica controller myself and if you do not activate analog mode, the right stick mirrors the X, O, Square and Triangle button.
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