PS2 controller pressure sensitive buttons
So i have a fake PS2 controller with an adapter to connect to my pc. I have been playing metal gear on the emulator and all my buttons work just fine.
But one thing i cant make it work is the pressure sensitive buttons. I have tried using motioninjoy and better ds3 tool and it didnt work. 
Most recently i found XinputWrapper and Scp Tool kit, i lost like 3 to 4 hours customizing settings, but still couldn't make it work. Not one of this programs could recognize my controller. The controller shows on windows 10 as Twin Usb Joystick.
What i wanted to know is if there is something else i can try or if there is no solution for the ps2 controller with the pressure sensitive buttons to work on the pcsx2 emulator?

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You either need an adapter that supports pressure sensitive inputs (bliss box I think does, but is over $100) or a PS3 controller (preferably a 1st party one since scptoolkit does not like 3rd party ones and some of those don't even support pressure sensitive buttons anyways) since scptoolkit only supports pressure sensitivity whit PS3 controllers.

Your PS2 controller does not work because it is going through direct input and direct input does not recognize or pass along pressure amounts on face buttons. To be fair xinput is really no better at doing that either, so whatever solution you use has to take a raw input and go through it's own api.

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