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PS2 controller problem
Hello all I'm here because I really need help, first sorry for my bad english but I can't get my ps2 controller to work with pcsx2 and it's sad :'(

When I try to configure the pad controller it does nothing, it's not recognize by pcsx2, but epsx1 recognize it for example and other programs 2, I'm using usb adaptor.

See screenshots

My computer see the usb adapator as a game controller but not pcsx2 :x sad what can I do please help me !?

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It looks to me that PCSX2 detected a DX ROCCAT Kone device. I'm not sure what that is but i also see your Pad 1 doesn't have any key bind to it.
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those 3 DX devices listed in lilypad correspond to the devices listed in game controllers.
you must now switch to the pad1 tab and assign buttons on the gamepad to ps2 pad buttons.
I can't assign the button because it's not recognize, I can with my keyboard, but not with when I press square or something with my ps2 controller !

DX ROCCAT Kone is my mouse ....
your mouse is set to disabled in lilypad, if its being detected in lilypad as a dx device it is most likely interferring with the detection of the usb adapter by setting itself as the prefered device in game controllers.
I unplugged both keyboard or mouse (both usb) but anyways there is not my ps2 controller in the Device diagnostics list : / so I think this is not going to work until my ps2 controller appears in this list someway right ?
What can I do please ?
Is the USB Adaptor you are using a model?

If it is you can try using the the XInput wrapper here and enable XInput in Lilypad.
I tried your thing and it's not working ... I'm desperate I can't play ps2 emulator with ps2 controllers ...
I fixed the problem with the program JoyToKey who detect my ps2 controller, so I can bind the ps2 key from my ps2 controller with some keyboard key, it's just no that precise for left and right sticks but it's ok ! : D

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