PS2 game save editing for the PS3
PS2 game save editing for the PS3, no disk needed method.

This is my first time creating a tutorial so bear with me on this one.
You will not need swap magic, AR Max, Game Shark, or any other software disk or modded PS2 for this method.
Required hardware and software.
• Computer with at least one open USB port. (two open ports is better though.)
• Backwards compatible PS3
• A working PS2 (used for converting the saves back to PSV files.
• 8 MB PS2 memory card with nothing useful on it. (you will be formatting the card during this process)
• PS2 compatible jumped drive. (I use a 1GB Scandisk that works fine for this)
• PS3 memory card adapter. (I bought mine online from Toys R Us)

• ps3mca-tool-fmcb-1.8c
• libusb0
• psv-exporter-1.1
• ps3mca-windrv
• FFXED (Use any hex editor or save editor for the particular game that you are editing here. For the purpose of this tutorial we will be using a Final Fantasy X PSV game save from the PS3 and Fuzzymillipede’s great FFX editor)
All the above software except the FFX editor is zipped up in a rar file below.
PS3 PSV save Tools

First create a folder on your computer and name it PS-Tools. This is where you will be installing your software and it will be your work folder as well. Create a sub folder inside the PS-Tools folder and name it Raw-Game-Saves. (note: if you use the above rar file the folders are already made for you.)

Now download and unzip all the attached files into your PS-Tools folder.
Plug your Memory Card adapter in and insert the memory card into it. When the computer ask about the drivers point it at the unzipped ps3mca-windrv folder and make sure the include sub folders box is checked. If the box asking about the drivers doesn’t show up go to your device manager in the control panel and find the unknown device with the yellow triangle and the ! in the middle of it and right click it. Go to properties then the drivers tab and add the drivers by pointing it into the above drivers’ folder. After the drivers are installed it should read as PS Memory Card Adapter instead of unknown device.

Now you are ready to format your memory card with the adaptor. Make sure there is nothing on the card that you want to keep because formatting the card will delete everything on the card, so save anything you want to keep onto your PS3’s HD before starting the format file. Double click the mc-format.bat file to start the formatting process. Linux users please read the enclosed readme files on how to use the adapter while running Linux.

Once the card has completed the formatting process, double click full-install.bat file. This will install the necessary files onto the memory card that is in the adapter.

Plug in your Flash/Pen/Jump Drive into your computer. Then copy and paste the all of contents of the fmcb-install folder on the Flash/Pen/Jump drive. Saving a PS2 save game from the PS3 onto your Flash/Pen/Jump drive should have created the needed PS3 folders for you.

Locate and copy your saved game file from the E:\PS3\EXPORT\PSV folder of your pen drive. (E:\ is where my drive it located yours could be different so just change E to wherever your pen drive is located) into your PS-Tools Folder. Like so C:\PS Tools\BASLUS-203124646303930363030.PSV
Now double click on the PSV Exporter v1.1 program icon to start up that program. Ext click on the file button and open the BASLUS-203124646303930363030.PSV file you just saved in the C:\PS Tools\ folder.

You should see three files in the box now that it is open in the program. Now extract all the files into the C:\PS Tools\Raw-Game-Saves\ folder. You should now have a folder named BASLUS-20312FF090600 in the Raw-Game-Saves folder with the same three files you saw earlier in the PSV Exporter v1.1 program. Close the PSV Exporter v1.1 program and now start the FFXED program and open the raw BASLUS-20312FF090600 file that is inside the sub folder of the raw game saves folder. Edit your save file with the editor that you are using in this case we are using FFED and a FFX save file. When you are through editing the file save the file in the raw format like it was before you started editing.

Next copy the BASLUS-20312FF090600 sub-folder onto the root of your Pen drive. Example: E:\ BASLUS-20312FF090600 with BASLUS-20312FF090600 being the folder you just copied to the drive. Now eject the pen drive and the memory card adapter from your computer and plug the pen drive into the PS2 and the memory card into the PS2 and turn the unit on. Once the system is on go down and highlight ULaunchElf and start the app. Once the gui starts hit O on your controller then go down to Mass and open the folder by hitting O again. You should now see the saved BASLUS-20312FF090600 folder on the mass device. Highlight the folder and hit R1 then highlight copy and hit O once more. Now hit the triangle button on your controller and highlight mc0 if you put your memory card in the first slot mc1 for the second slot and press the O button. Now hit R1 again and go down to mcpaste and hit O and if you have a previous save hit O again to over write the file.
Hit select after the file is done writing to the card and then turn off the PS2 and remove the memory card that you just wrote the files to and plug it into your memory card adapter. Plug the adapter into the USB port on your PS3 and start the system. Go over to the game section of your screen and then down to your memory card utility. Select the PS2 memory card and then the game save. Once the save is highlighted press the triangle button then highlight copy and then hit the X button. Select you PS3’s internal hard drives memory card and save your file. Start your game, load your edited save, and have fun.

Special Thanks to the following people without their great tools this tutorial would not be possible.
gothi <[email protected]> Creator of PSV Exporter v1.1
jimmikaelkael <[email protected]> Creator of PlayStation 3 Memory Card Adaptor Software
Fuzzymillipede <[email protected]> Creator of FFXED
Anyone else I missed. And Sony for creating the PS3 system.

Tutorial Copyrighted Kuyong Chuin 2011-2012 All rights reserved

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Did anyone find this helpful? I need input to tell if I have written this in a way everyone will understand the process of converting a raw save to a psv file without having to use a disk to do it.
Thanks Smile
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I found this useful, however my PS2 expired during the holidays (courtesy of my nephew and a can of coke). So I needed to adapt your instructions.

Sample uses an FFX-2 save game (BESLES-51815FF101003) and Celsius FFX-2 Editor, modify to suit your needs.

1. Install Memory Card Adapter & ps3mca-windrv
2. Unzip into a suitable directory
- No need to format the Memory Card (unless it is Blank/Unformatted)

3. Extract the save game to be edited

- Export from PS3 : as origional post
- Export from PCSX2 Memory Card : use mymc & PS2 Save Builder
- Export from PS2 Memory Card

ps3mca-tool -ls / (for a list of slots)
ps3mca-tool -ls /BESLES-51815FF101003 (for a list of files in the slot)
mkdir BESLES-51815FF101003 (we'll save the raw file here)
ps3mca-tool -x /BESLES-51815FF101003/BESLES-51815FF101003 BESLES-51815FF101003\BESLES-51815FF101003

4. Edit the raw file (in Celsius F2->Properties->Celsius->PsuIO->Leblanc for raw files)
5. Import the edited file

- Exported from PS3 or PCSX2 Memory Card
ps3mca-tool -mkdir BESLES-51815FF101003
ps3mca-tool -in BESLES-51815FF101003\icon.sys BESLES-51815FF101003/icon.sys
ps3mca-tool -in BESLES-51815FF101003\FF0000.ico BESLES-51815FF101003/FF0000.ico
ps3mca-tool -in BESLES-51815FF101003\BESLES-51815FF101003 BESLES-51815FF101003/BESLES-51815FF101003

(for each file that is in the export directory - my save from FFX-2 has the above 3 files)

- Exported from PS2 Memory Card
ps3mca-tool -in BESLES-51815FF101003\BESLES-51815FF101003 BESLES-51815FF101003/BESLES-51815FF101003

6. When the above has completed, disconnect the Memory Card Adapter.
7. Plug the Memory Card Adapter in to your PS3 and import your save to an Internal HDD Memory Card
Plug the Memory Card in to a PS2.
8. Load the edited save in-game.

Note: Used a genuine Sony 8MB card, may not work for other makes/sizes.
Questions i have from trying to get all this stuff to work:

1) When i run/install libusb.dll I don't see my attached memcard anywhere in my filesystem, is this correct behavior...?

2) When i run ps3mca-tool full-install.bat what exactly is happening? Does it install on my PC or Sony memcard? What is installed - FMCB?

3) Can only ps3mca-tool see my memcard? And, is it how i see my memcard? Why can't i see the contents of my Sony memcard in my filesystem directly?

I have a PS2, a PS3/PS2 Sony memcard reader, a few Sony 8MB memcards, and PCSX2 on my laptop.

I want to save my PCSX2 games onto my Sony memcard or transfer them from my PC to my memcard(s) when i get home (PCSX2 is my 'portable' PS2 if you will).
Note that Sony has sent a DMCA to github causing to be taken down. Looks like the code needs to be hosted somewhere more censorship-resistant (GNU/Linux user here).
I am bumping this because I have questions that need answered and instead of starting a new thread and quoting everything from this one, it is easier just to bump it to have the information in question readily available to everyone.

I have been through the steps and have gotten the needed drivers in order to connect my PS3MCA to my PC as discribed in guides around the web. I am running Windows 7 x64 on my PC as well as having the original Sony PS3MCA (CECHZM1) and an original Sony 8mb PS2 memory card. With drivers installed, using the repacked download of the PS3MCA Tool I found around the web, I can run mc-format.bat and full-install.bat fine; they will format/write to my card no problem, as well as my PC readily recognizing the MCA when connected via the USB port (instances taken as proof my drivers have installed correctly).

However, seeing as I am no interested in modding a PS2 and am in this for inserting files from my PC into my PS2MC and copy to PS3 like the method Scarlet.Crush described long ago (modding of PSV files on the PS3 via PC and bypassing the PSV save-corruption by adapting the data through the PS2MC by hard-transfer using the MCA to the PS3), I have no need for FMCB,

Now, with background information out of the way, my question comes here: Seeing as I have successfully downloaded the PS3MCA Tool v1.3, I have unzipped it to my computer, but everytime I attempt to run the .exe file (ps3mca-tool.exe) it will not boot up. I double click it, and it will pop up, only to instantly close. My MCA is connected via USB with the formatted memory card in the slot, and I have my once-PSV/now-(modded)-RAW files ready for transfer on my desktop. However, I have no idea how to use, or run the PS3MCA Tool as it instantly shuts down. I am familiar with the command options in the tool itself (that is why I know you can use -in to transfer RAW saves into the PS2MC), however, the .exe keeps closing itself (crashing?) so I am confused as to where I type the command prompt or what to do next. I have tried multiple repacked downloads of the tool from multiple sites, only to come up with the same problem so it seems there could be something linked to my PC in general. I have tried using the tool on multiple PCs (Windows XP x86, Windows 7 x64), only to be met with the same problems (closing, crashing?)

Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a seperate .sys or .dll file or some kind of driver needed to correctly boot up the PS3MCA tool?
I tried a google search on the issue and have come up utterly fruitless; there seemed to be some good information here so I thought maybe someone could help. Any knowledge on the subject would be appreciated

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