PS2 memory card saves to PCSX2. Anyone have the kit?
Hi everyone

Is there anyone out there who has the hardware and know-how to dump game save data off a PS2 memory card into a format that can be used by PCSX2?

And would be willing to do this in return for a bit of beer money and postage paid?
And in the UK?

I've been having a bit of a dig around and it seems that generally I would need a PS2 that's capable of running homebrew of some description. Which also seems I would need a memory card hack. And it all seems way more complicated than when I dumped my PS1 saves off using a cheat cartridge and a dodgy old serial cable. Basically alot of effort for something I only plan on doing once.

Anyone able to volunteer their services/time?

I've only just managed to get a computer that's up to scratch to run PCSX2 and it's an incredible bit of software. WipeOut Fusion at full screen, full frame-rate... yes!!

Cheers, B

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Just launch ulaunchelf the same way you launched the bios dumper. Most people prefer to use the memory card hack due to it's simplicity, but you can use any method that allows you to launch an elf file.

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