PS2 resolution
What is the native ps2 solution?

As well what does native x2 mean? Just means twice the resolution of ps2. IE if ps2 was 1200x720 then it may be 2400x1440?

Thanks, I am wondering because I am trying to get FFX has highest resolution possible.

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It's different for game to game.
Some games suppots 1080i resolutions in ps2 & some native 640x480
if u want to get higher resolution possible for FFX.set 2x-4x in video plugin & see what best works
maybe u'r pc will struggle beause it needs high resources.
So start with 2x then higher Smile
right now I am playing on 1920x1080 which should be 1080p. So far it is working find. What can of glitches may occur as a result?
No glitches can occur.if u're using multiplier e.g 2x native,3xnative.
I am using a custom setting for 1080p for youtube. This should be the highest resolution available. So since I am not using a multiplier then I can get glitches?
No as far as i know if u don't see any glitches now.
U can't get glitches further.
If u get any by chance.
Use native or multiplier Smile
With extreme upscaling, yes its possible. With around x3, unlikely.

Avoid custom resolution if possible.
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So, I should play with x3 native screens and not 1080p like I've been playing with to prevent crashes or anything? I played up to where Tidus meets Yuna (not completed yet though) and everything worked perfectly but for the fact that monsters and tidus fight backwards.
Use native x3 it is same as 1080p resolution.maybe little more Smile
(06-10-2013, 06:57 AM)Preet Wrote: Use native x3 it is same as 1080p resolution.maybe little more Smile

Great, but how does one know this? I've been searching the internet to see what native resolution is so far I cannot find any information about it.

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