PS2 saves to PC
Ok apologies first as I tried searching for this but no luck. All I find is old info or ways to do it via modding the PS2.

I've finally gotten my PCSX2 working well and was hoping to transfer a couple game saves to my PC somehow if possible. I don't mind spending some money on hardware to make it easier.

Basically I want the simplest method without modding my PS2. I'm not opposed to some sort of soft mod if it's absolutely necessary but I'd still like it to be less fuss.

Any help anyone could provide would be great.

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1.Does your PS2 laser works?
If it does then here are your possibilities:
1.By using Action Replay Max or CodeBreaker(original disks of course) and USB device that your PS2 can recognize
Then you'll need to buy some ps2 software that allows accessing your memory card to copy saves to usb stick.
Using this same software you can also install the well known ps2 exploit, allowing you to run homebrew.
This will make it easier, and even allows you to use your own bios, since you can dump it then.
Not saying you're not using your own bios right now though. Ehem.

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