PS2 to PCSX2 help?
Okay. I was able to get a FMCB memory card (Fujiworks, Magic gate enabled, if it helps) but now I'm stuck. Its running ver. 1.94, and works fine on my system. But I can't figure out how to get the save data from the PS2 memory card to work on my PCSX2, or vice versa? Kinda feeling some pressure over spending the 15 bucks for the FMCB if it wont work, from my parents, so i could use any help at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated! ^.^

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When you start your PS2 without inserting a game disk,you will have some extra menus along with Browse and System Configuration.
If FMCB is installed correctly(with everything)and FMCB works on your PS2,you should also have a menu called X on it.

When the program is loaded press O on FileBrowser=>Insert a USB flash drive which the PS2 can read(it reads almost all) and from here
mc0: is your first card
mc1: is your second card
mass: is the flash drive

Press O in mc0(if your saves are there)and if you want to copy all,press square otherwise X on the saves you want
Then press R1 and choose Copy
Go back to mass=>press R1 inside and choose psuPaste(you can choose just Paste but there are some games that don't like this and you'll have to use the FileMemoryCard feature in pcsx2 not the normal .ps2 memory card(placing inside the psu saves with mymc)
After the copying is done,import the saves to pcsx2 depending on which method you used(psupaste=>mymc or paste=>copy the saves to the foldermemorycard)

That's all.
Oof, looks like I took too long, I'll post this anyways, just incase.

It's been a while since I've dabbled with good ol' FMCB, buuuut, here is what you want to do, first, get a USB flash drive, make sure it's formatted in the FAT32 format, then, plug that drive into your PS2 usb slot, either or should be fine.

Start your PS2, go into the FMCB browser of some kind, look for the memory card ...

Actually, Pre Edit: I'll just do this in real time so I can give you exact instructions :3...... ......

Ooookay, so... it's a bit more complicated than I thought/remember. You need to have uLaunchELF on your memory card within FMCB, if not, then this won't really help because uLaunchELF is the way to look into the contents of your memory card on your PS2.

I'm not entirely sure how you can install uLaunchELF with just FMCB, there must be a way, but I honestly never had to worry about that stuff because I had someone make my memory card an FMCB one.

If you DON'T have uLaunchELF, then follow this video (super quick google :3)

Once you have that done, you can follow these instructions.

In uLaunchELF, hit O to go into the browser. If your memory card is in slot 1, that means it's MC0 on the screen. Your USB drive on the top slot should be mass.

Go to MC0, do this by having it highlighted/selected and hit O. When you're in, you'll see a lot of folders using the code names for each game, things like BACUS followed by numbers and what not. In each folder should be a single file, the save file of the game, press R1 which brings up a menu, press O on Copy, then hit Triangle a few times to get back to the main screen.

Find mass, hit O again, then hit R1 again and press O on Paste. This should bring up another sub menu. You'll want to select psuPaste, this copies down all the information of the PS2 save file (mcPaste should also work, never use just Paste).

Do that for each of your games and then once you're done, bring your USB drive to your PC. You should be able to see all the files for the save games in them.

If so, you'll need to use a program to open the PCSX2 memory card, mymc is the program that is used for this task, link will be here - scratch that, I'll upload my version that has the missing DLL's needed for the program to work -

Now it's a simple matter of opening the program, use mymc gui, when you start it, it'll automagically ask you to locate your PCSX2 memory card, do that and then it should load all the saves in that memory card.

Now just click the import button, locate your saves on the USB drive (or copy them somewhere off the USB drive), and import. I'm not sure if you can import a bunch all at once or if you have to do it one by one, but either way, that should work.

I hope this helps =).

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