PS2 usb controller map issues
I just bought 2 ps2 usb controllers from ebay there generic ones but im having trouble laying out the controls for some reason start select the shoulder buttons work fine but the d pad the left joystick the x circle square and triangle buttons wont work........... i mean they work kinda

The left joystick and d pad are mapped together and the right joystick and x square trianlge and circle are mapped together automaticly and when mapping them manually it just stay the same it wont change im not sure if im explaning good ( not very good at explaining things ) its like they share the same input??? buttons number"?"?? idk

thats what the controller looks like some reason though mapping the controller to game cube emulator works perfectly fine the problems mentioned above doesnt seem to happen can anyone please help ?

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I have a similar problem. I have an HDE PS2 Controller - to - USB adapter. So, I'm using regular PS2 controllers. The adapter, or the emulator, can't distinguish between the left analog stick and the d-pad. When I use "Test Device" in LilyPad's configure menu, I notice that the controller's d-pad and left analog stick both trigger the same signals inside the emulator:
Signal: Button Push
X Axis +: Left Analog Right, d-pad right
X Axis -: Left Analog Left, d-pad left
Y Axis +: Left Analog Down, d-pad down
Y Axis -: Left Analog Up, d-pad up
The Right analog stick works as it should: down and up are z-axis rotation + and -, respectively. Left and right are z-axis - and +, respectively.
This same problem exists with my black and blue PS2 controllers.

I'm using LilyPad 0.11.0
PCSX2 1.4.0
Also, the "analog" button on my blue controller won't turn off. The same button won't turn on on my black controller.

I have a work-around, though: I can map buttons on the keyboard to the d-pad, and the analog stick on my controller to the emulator's analog stick input. It's annoying, though, and I'd rather use the controller the way it was meant to.
Sorry to bump on this post but I just wanted to share my lilypad settings and control mappings since I was one such guy who spent a lot of time wandering the internet when this is the exact problem I had and there was no solution posted here. Perhaps having the DirectInput Keyboard and Game API selected and "allow all devices" set in the controls mapping window solved it, not sure.

[Image: 9xj0J1X.jpg]

[Image: ZiiMrw7.jpg]

[Image: pqNlNWt.jpg]

Lets hope it helps someone and make their day a little better.
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