Excuse for my English. I typed this text in Russian and translated the electronic translator. Also excuse, if I break any rules. I here the newcomer Blush

Here what idea: for Playstation 2 exists Linux - Blackrhino. I have found a site of its working out, and also a site on already established.

That from itself represents this Blackrhino:
USB Flach Drive have divided into 3 sections: FAT32, Linux Swap and Ext2 (also may be Ext3)
On FAT32 have written down installation/loading most Linux,
On Ext2 - Linux it is direct

For work in Blackrhino required USB keyboard. USB mouse is unessential, as instead of a mouse we operate analog of joy, but too it is possible.

And here, the biggest minus of it Linux - it hangs in an operating time. On one of forums I have read and have understood that it is somehow connected with USB ports Playstation 2.

As a result, I ask developers PCSX2 to make plug-ins for USB, for example, the virtual keyboard; for DEV9 HDD as, for example, you have made for memory card - a file.bin which can contain in itself files. Do it, please, on 2Gb

Thus, you will help working out Blackrhino and I can compile at last, the newest kernel, Linux-emulators of various prefixes and many other useful things!!!

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I forgot, this Linux is writting on USB Flash Drive and even SLIM PS2 can working on it!

I need plug-in with Flash Card, which i can divide it on 3 sections.

In an ideal - any other user can create the Flash Card on any quantity Gb
So you want to run a linux distribution made for the PS2 on PCSX2?
May I ask why? It'd be nice and everything, but USB support is very rudimentary right now and the storage device support is in pretty much the same state. I don't think they are actively being worked on either.

If you want to run a specific binary made with the PS2 linux in mind, it'd be a lot easier to find the source and work on it rather than attempt to get an entire distro running with working USB/disk IO.
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Everything that I wished to receive as a result is the newest compiled kernel after a command make bzImage with support of huge number of new USB-devices and with the driver for PS2 Soundcard. But every time when I try to compile, let us assume, a kernel - Linux compiles-compiles and hangs. Too most and with installation of programs.
I think, after compilation of kernel Blackrhino will not hang more!
If at someone was PS2 FAT... And with HDD... This person could write down Blackrhino on HDD and THERE compile and somewhere a ready kernel lay out! If does not know as to write down or compile - I can print consecutive instructions.
And still, it would be much better, if have created HDD and USB plug-ins. PS2 and PCSX2 can communicate)
Once again I wish to pay attention! Write to somebody at whom is PS2 HDD or already established PS2Linux! Let, it already in any way does not concern plug-ins... Also tell, to whom it is not difficult, to the friends at whom is established PS2LINUX.
If at someone on PS3 it is written down Yellow Dog - the kernel for PS2LINUX can to try be compiled here. Do not hesitate! - write in PM or directly here! It will be very remarkable, if all turns out!
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It's time to think about making plugins for USB and FW, isn't it?))
Just a little function... At least crashed but working alpha-version))

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