PS3 Controller Issue
I'm having a bit of an issue with using my ps3 controller today for some reason. Whenever I plug it into my computer to use with a PCSX2 game, the light by the little number 1 on the top of the controller continues to blink and never becomes solid, therefore not letting me use the controller. I have this problem every once in a while but unplugging the controller and closing out of PCSX2 has solved it every other time. I've done this multiple times now and even shut down my computer a couple of times to no avail. Does anyone have any insight on this problem?

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What drivers are you using for the Dualshock 3? I'm assuming usb is the input?
(03-16-2015, 09:32 PM)Bigbenn01 Wrote: What drivers are you using for the Dualshock 3? I'm assuming usb is the input?

Yes, it's USB. Not completely sure what the drivers are, is SCP server a driver?
Yes SCPServer is a driver. If you use SCPServer can you tell me what Operating System you use?
I'm on Windows 8.
Uhm. I'll try and guide you along, but I don't use Windows 8. Press the Windows Keys+R, then type in services.msc and hit enter. On the Services page that should have popped up, scroll down the list until you find SCP DS3 Server, once you find it (or not, tell me if so), right click on it, then make sure the Service Status is "Started", if not, Start it. Make sure the "Startup Type" is Automatic or Automatic Delayed.

Once all of this is done, go to your SCP Server folder, and find SCPMonitor.exe, and double click on it.

After all this is done, you should be set.
Alright. Did all of that, the service status was already Started but I Restarted it anyways. Went back to PCSX2, light on the controller was solid, but still couldn't get it to work.
Uhm, can you do this. In the SCPServer folder, there is another folder called Win32. Inside of Win32 there are 3 files. We only need two of them. Copy XInput1_3.dll into the PCSX2 folder. Copy LilyPad-Scp-R5875.dll into the Plugins folder inside of PCSX2.

Once you've done that, open PCSX2, go to Config ->Plugin/Bios Selector. Change the PAD Plugin to the one we just copied to. After that, hit apply.

Then go to Config -> Controllers (Pad) -> Plugin Settings. You should see an extra option labeled Dualshock 3 native mode (requires SCP XInput DLL). If you don't see this, close PCSX2 and then open it again. If you do see it and it's greyed out, your controller isn't being picked up. If you can, uncheck DirectInput and XInput, but check the Dualshock 3 native mode.

After this, on Device Diagnostics, click on Dualshock #1, and hit Test Device, make sure all the inputs work, if so, go to the Pad 1 tab and configure everything, you should be set after this.

Also, when you open SCPMonitor, you should see that Pad 1 is connected.
Hmm, not finding a plugins folder inside of PCSX2. The folders that show up are bios, cheats_ws, inis, logs, memcards, snaps, and sstates.
I would.... download another version of PCSX2 then. It should be located right under memcards..... "plugins".

Download from here and copy the necessary files/folders to this version and setup PCSX2 again.

I'll be back in 20, so just wait a little.

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