PS3 Controller & Motion Joy questions
So I finally picked up a PS3, awesome stuff, anyways I had heard you could hook em up to the PC with a Bluetooth Donngle, so that is what I did. Works perfectly!

All controls are recognized in my Game Control panel, and Lillypap detects it and allowed me to map all controls, went very smoothly, was expecting more resistance as I usually suck at setting up stuff like this.

My only issue is I can't get vibration to work, while I can live without it, my old PS2 Controller + Adapter worked fine with Vibration, however the cord was short and always getting in the way.

Vibration testing in MotionJoy works, when I click it, bam, it vibrates. SO the drivers work.

With my PS2 controller I used to do Big Motor - Constant, Small Motor Sine, then hit "Test" and it'd vibrate. No such luck here, any suggestion?



Problem solved, seems all I needed to do was install Motion Joy 32bit version; instead of 64bit.
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