PS3 Controller connectivity
OK If you didn't know Xbox 360 have it's own Driver from Microsoft. What about Sony? Bad news the answer is IDK I've searched for dedicated official sony provided drivers well i can't find one i looked for LibUSB nothing (Before i found this site)so i needed an Alt. for it to work for wireless(via Bluetooth 2.0 adapter!) its possible for that to happen you want to get a separate Bluetooth adapter because this software takes your Bluetooth completely over! There's no alt to this one :? its called DS3 This the direct download link

Questions? I got answers!

FAQ: Whats DS3? It's the software that has the drivers to not only recognize but USE YOUR PS3 CONTROLLER Note u need the Bluetooth 2.0 for wireless functions. It won't work on later versions. The good news these adapters are CHEAP! And is at Hhgreg, office max, and Micro center! maybe at more stores these are examples.

WTF I need to wirelessly pair it!? nope as long as you load the driver from the driver manage the software lets you know what drivers can be loaded by a check meaning you can and a RED X meaning you cannot! To wire you ps3 controller just use your usb cable leave it connected load the driver for it set the appropriate setting(in this case PCSX2) click enable and set your controls appropriately in PCSX2 controller selection screen!
NOTE: Don't forget to disconnect it before you actually unplug it from your computer since the controller will try to connect wirelessly turning on your ps3

How do I know it's working? Play a game if no reaction reset your controls!

Help it's still not working!? Reload DS3 set it to PS1 and back to PS2 Via PCSX2 and click enable you also know it worked by hearing a USB disconnect sound effect!!! that means it instantaneously deactivated PS1 and enabled the PCSX2 driver which means you won't hear the reconnect sound effect!
NOTE: And also reload PCSX2 as well for it to update its own reg. that the controller is connected!!!

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Current PCSX2 version: v1.7.2460-windows-64bit-SSE4

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I use motionjoy DS3 and I ocnnect it to my pc with a usb cable, works fine on all my games and on PSone and PS2 emulators.

It's easy to configure too
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(06-20-2013, 08:38 AM)Tyestor Wrote:

yes you can use that but he made things more complicated it has a setting for PCSX2 you dont need it to think its a xbox controller

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