PS3 Controller stopped working with DS3 Tool EDIT: FIXED

So I had the ps3 controller set up with DS3 Tool to work with PCSX2 it was working fine. When I stopped playing and came back later, it had stopped working. When I test the device all the buttons respond but when I try to play a game(any game not just one) it doesn't work. My Playstation is turned off and it doesn't turn on when I hit PS. The lights that blink on the controller at some point during the game loading will stop blinking and all 4 lights will be on at once.

Console after starting:

PAD settings:

Found it. I have to run DS3 Tool every time I unplug the controller. Any way to not need to do this?

(Figured out the reason it wasn't working while taking the screenshots, decided to post anyways with fix in case someone else has the same problem)

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Why don't you give the SCP drivers a shot instead of using the MotioninJoy drivers? Here's a short tutoral video:

Also if you really want to stick to the MotioninJoy drivers, I would suggest that you use Better DS3 Tool instead of the regular DS3 Tool. The regular DS3 Tool has a backdoor, which could be used to install things on your computer without you knowing. Check out this post from the Better DS3 website:
[Image: pNm13X9.gif]
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