PS3 DS3 controller and movement
First of all, hello.

Second, sorry for making what I'm sure is the 1000th thread about controllers.

However, I do promise I searched pretty thoroughly, and was even able to find some help, but I just can't solve this last problem. I don't know what to do.

The problem: Movement in my game is messed up, and constantly goes to the left (as if I were holding down the left directional button at all times).

I'm not really 100% sure what the set up should be. I have MotionInJoy set up, I ran through the windows set up, and I set up the controller in LilyPad. However, I'm not sure if I did any of this correctly... or I assume I didn't since I'm having a problem

Can anyone diagnose this, or what other information do you need?

(Game is Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne Maniax, Japanese version)

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Does it happen in all games? From the beginning? How are you loading the games?
Try changing the sensitivity options for the analog axis in LilyPad.
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I only have the one game to try with at the moment. I'll try some more by loading actual DVDs, but for the moment the one I have is an ISO that's been compressed by one of the pcsx2 plugins... I forget the name. So I compressed it, and I open it by hitting Run -> Execute.

An interesting side note: When I plugged my N64 controller in to try to make it work with Project 64, I had exactly the same problem. There was constant movement to the left, as if I were holding down the analog stick. This makes me think it might be a windows problem. I run Windows 7, by the way (64 bit).
May I ask why you need Lilypad when you already have MotionJoy running?

Oh, btw I have Windows 7 too (64 bit)
Don't I need the Lilypad plugin running in PCSX2? And if not, how do I make the controller work in the game? Because before I manually went in and tried to set up the controller in lilypad, it didn't work at all in the game.
No one has any other suggestions?

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